Saturday, July 17, 2010

Um a million years ago.

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New World Black

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It's summer in Sin City. So far, so bananas! My 30's are going to be very interesting. My mojo is definately back.

I've slept with three women in the last 2 months. Not since college have I been this prolific. I think this new found success is two parts horny, and one part total honesty with myself about who I'm hot for. I totally am hot for plump women. Myself included.

And of course three women into this, I meet a dreamy little creature that has absolutely got me twitterpated. With one well timed kiss, she managed to blow up the 30 day rule, but big! Her goddamn lips are so soft. A dizzying opiate to be sure. Our chemistry has been out of control from the jump. I met her at a friend's birthday dinner. And if the truth be told, they've only just begun their friendship. I feel like it's fated. And then's me we are talking about.

That's all well and good after a heroic night and morning of fucking, but there are significant stumbling blocks. Namely, a recent break up with a dude. And most alarmingly, her closet case status with friends and family. She's deceptively freaky pagan bisexual and only a select few have been privy to that part of her life. I'm way too gay for all that. The sex is good enough that emotions could totally begin to stir. Who are we kidding they always do, but I guess what I am saying is that despite the obvious love potential I'm not obtuse enough to think that these stumbling blocks are insurmountable. I could do alright with just the physical. I'd just have to be precise in the emotional realm.

Alright off to a party. Had a fun day today, and I absolutely needed it. Work has been nuts. More on that later.

Oh and did I mention that she's in Haiti for four mother fucking weeks? Looks like the 30 day rule is back in place! Ha!