Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update...for reals.

First let me say that that AP ended up being the wackness! For a hot little minute there I wasn't going write anything today considering I hadn't been on here for ages, but then I read that last entry and I was like HELL NO. People have to know. The bitch was wack. No more wack bitches. In fact, I just recently dodged a bullet with a certain self important 6'0" Pilipina. Then there's the matter of my bff's twat girlfriend. Jesu Christo I'm over the women in this town.

On an entirely separate note...

I am waiting to hear back from grad school. I applied to the New School for International Affairs. Ugh what a shit show. If I get in, I am hoping this will prove to be the best opportunity to make a smooth graceful transition into another phase of my life. My time with Publicolor is on the wane. I do want more from life, and I am going to get it.

I am also a for reals lard ass these days. It's kind of hilarious. Kind of terrifying. Hehehe...ahem.

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