Thursday, August 27, 2009

Like Whoa

So uh...8 years later it was still hot as the damn devil between us. Yes me and the ex hooked up last night, and it was stellar. Ethically challenged, but fucking stellar. I'm not torn up, but I am wistful. She's pretty much the exact kind of woman I need. The last few days we spent together was amazing, powerful, and fun. I was surprised by how much she moved me. Like seriously, 8 years ago we were nothing more than a month long hook up. Super hot, but not anything that I thought would re surface 8 year later. Of all the people that I had hoped against hope to see once more, she was the last person I thought that that would be. Sure, I thought about her over the years. She's got the most gorgeous eyes, and making love to her was supreme, but ephemeral. In my mind, she had been relegated to the 'hot college lovin' file in my brain. Now what? Now I have got a whole new set of hot memories to chew on for god knows how long. Oh hell yea, I want to see her again. Hopefully, next time the timing ie she's not in some May-December romance with a 46 year old will be better. I will absolutely give her a run for her money if our path cross again in this life time. 

Oh as for the internet date action...yeah that fizzled. surprise. Date #2 included two of her sweaty fucking friends. Fuck that. Fuck her. That was the wackness. Thankfully, the 30 day rule was in play mentally so it's no skin off my nose to be relegated to the friend zone with this one. 

And yes, ol' girl from out of town completely destroyed the 30 day rule thing, but does she count when it comes to that rule? I mean this all came as a total surprise, and she wasn't a prospect. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm tight

I feel like I'm on episode of elimi-date. Do you remember that show? Seriously, I'm kind of put off. Who is this riff raff she's dicking around with? My god, variety is not the spice of fucking life. Listen, this is why the 30 day rule is full effect. No more getting the milk before the buying the cow. I did something of a full court press on Friday and Sunday, but what evs...You can't go into Tuesday night with a shitty attitude. I say tomorrow is the perfect day to go to the beach. Today, you should clean the apartamento.

Goddammit. I'm tight. tight. tight. tight! Ignorance is bliss.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Iphone is frozen to be damned....

Chemistry is a motherfucker. Had a serious. hot. sexy. blast from the past blow through town. We just got through hanging out. Oh, it was all still there to be sure, but we are grown ups now. We honor our commitments. In my case, to the self. In her case, to her relationship. For every "breath" she let out during the course of our hanging out, could have been a devestating orgasm had we not had our wits about us. Blasted wit! She's still got the most amazing eyes ever. The cool thing is that I genuinely like her. Her intensity is intoxicating. It seems like she's been actively working to spin that intensity in a positive way, but it's all still there. delish!

It's been a good distraction re: Va. I sent her a flirty text, and got bubkus in return. I'm trying not to fret. Only Tuesday will tell the tale. I kind of want to put out already, but I have got to keep a cool head. This always happens! Yes...yes...yes! There are heaps of dirty thoughts floating about, but all in good time. goddamn phone is frozen to be damned! I just put in the freezer. We'll see if that helps. I wish I was at Les Enfants Terribles.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're not to expensive, but you've got to pay...

You're such a street walker....Thank you Kool and the Gang. You are my secret sexy cool fun time.

So I was re-reading this blog as I am wont to do, and I noticed that this whole thing with Side Show was a really long time ago. Admittedly, as of late I can attest the human's capacity for time travel. I was right back in that shit storm not but last week, and it was not of my doing. That is to say that I didn't send a suspiciously errant text message. She did. I should have just left it at delete my phone number. I got sucked in, got all anorexic again, and woke up crying on my birthday. Fuck that. Nothing has fucking changed. SHE'S THE WACKNESS.


So any way I had a very sweet charming internet date last night. The whole thing came as a surprise, as my forays onto Craigslist usually bely a boredom of some sort. I responded to an ad, and the lovely lass is perfectly normal. We exchanged a few emails and met up last night. It was loose, fun, and VERY candid. I was blushing during certain points of the conversation. We also had mutual friends in common. That was actually key in a lot of ways. One could do some more indepth vetting. I certainly think we are attracted to one another, but my 30 day rule is effect. Truth be told, I am already kind of sweating bullets. Last night certainly could have ended on a more heated note than the chaste kiss on the cheek I gave her. I did good on that tip, but good christ! I've been turned on all day. Cool...Never underestimate the heady thing that is self-deprivation. I am chomping at the bit to break my own rules day 1! But one must keep a cool head, eyes on the prize. En plus, she's into seeing multiple people at once. I don't like to share, so this is double dog why I should just keep the little sex dwarf down stairs on a leash until I feel it's ok to do it emotionally. Really I just need to know the person is cool. So far so good.

My friend Delywn is coming in town. I wonder what he wants to do? I have got to clean this apartmento once and for all. It's do or die Sunday. Dude...I need to get my tv scene right. Football is back on the scene, baby!!