Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

God, I love these bad little cats. They are permanent hairy four legged toddlers that like eating my plants and breaking shit. Beasts! Speaking of beasts I need to go feed Bruce. Ugh.

My god! This job with the cougars! There is now ANOTHER one in the office that rocks pantyless pilates pants to work. I haven't had a clean thought at work in weeks. The hair...the is too freaking much. Oh yeah she's also wicked smart, a total Yankee WASP Irish stylee and I quote "a professional barfly".

Christ! I've been going on ad nauseum about the coug, I totally forgot to mention that I amputated the tip of my pinky! If I could up load a photo of the wound when I was in the ER I would. The shit was bananas! It's been fascinating to watch my pinky heal. The body heals in concentric circles. The nub is coming in nicely. The nail will be ghastly forever more I fear. I'm looking into custom jewelry for the pinky.