Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ginger's or I'm the captain if this ship.

I'm sitting at Ginger's trying to sober up for the rest of my ride home. I know a bar is an odd locale to sober up, but it's working. Buncha goddamn subnormals, and I love every one of their faces. This is dykedom as I've come to grow fond of eventhough I want something different for my life and loves.

It's good to sit here and wonder if fate is too busy for you and your horseshit. I don't have to work tomorrow and don't feel like going home. All I'm gonna think about is the fact that I am enamored with a married woman who gently teases me the way one would a 12 year old crushed out on the baby sitter. My god! I
can barely get three words out around her. She truly is one of the beautiful people. If her life were off by a molecule I would make it a point to have her, but alas that molecule configured the way it did. She's married and straight, and I'm the drunk american lesbian that shadows her every move from the bar stool in the corner. Enivrante et forte.

Why can't you upload photos to blogger from your iphone? I'm wearing a really hilarious sailor's hat. Why a sailor's hat? Because i am the captain of this ship!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Do you people see something I don't?

Apparently yes. Namely this goddamn train. Ok so I was way off about the trainer. NEVER listening to my dude co-workers again. Pero tu sabes que? Ella tambiƩn era otra. She gave off total friend vibes. Whatever I'm apparently destined to never meet a decent female sort in this town. One split back down under and the other is my nyc bff. I was hopin to talk to old girl about Joseph campbell, but no she has to be like every other person in this wicked little town. Mind you this also plays into my fear of befriending straight women. I'm always fearful that they think that I ha nothin but ill intentions for their body. Ok maybe I fear that they are mind readers or that I'm THAT transparent.

Fuck I don't know I'm laying off people for a while.