Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mushrooms & Mazzy Star

Oh my god. Queer Eye is mean, but oh so true. I'm glad the apartment is clean. I'm about to destroy this place again with a party. We'll see who shows. Yes. Yes. I've been down this road...throw a party ....hoping against hope that atleast two chicks I'm hot for to show up. There will probably be another blog lamenting their cruel absenteeism. I'm suppose to have dinner with a certain amazonian pipsqueek.  She is so goddamned arrogant I love it. We'll see...she might bail on that. I wonder if I should shroom again this weekend...hmm...

Oh! Check this shit out! I'm trolling craigslist last night, and I randomly come across a post that is titled...mushrooms & mazzy star. All the posting said was prove.

Saturday night I took mushrooms, a certain angry pacific islander tried to destroy my mp3player which frickin has all this Mazzy start on it, and railed about how I was a coward and how she always remembers.

I know she wrote that post. Not but 20 minutes later after my responding to it, did it disappear.

I'll see her Friday.

*cue the twilight zone theme*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Verushka & the Hangovers

Christ. What a night last night was. Fist fights. Party crashing. A visit to blueballville. All in all a super fun night. I say all that but it is not without dark undertones. One of my closest friends in this town has a very serious problem with rage and maybe the marching powder. Technically, she's attacked me three times. Two of those times went down last night. Basically, she texted me the night before reminding me to bring the lace. I responded appropriately. I went to bed, and woke up late. I rushed out of the house and subsequently forgot her damnable lace. She seethed over this pretty much afternoon then by six started kicking me, attacking me, and spilling shit on me. I responded in kind. Twice! And once on mushrooms! I don't mind a physical altercation or two when I'm drinking. I'm a total redneck like that. I tried to grapple with Michael last night. That man is like 230 (as if) and kind squat like me. We could fucking be related. Anyway, my trying to grapple him was for giggles. This shit with ol' girl is heavy. I think she feels more for me than she lets on to anyone, herself included. That seems to be a running theme in this town full of these hot go getter types. So fearful of being out of control, is it any wonder that the exterior is so rigid? It is out of sheer necessity, because what lies underneath is fucking molten. I ususally want in, if it's deriviate of a hither to untapped river hot house sexuality. Which brings me to the latest of these hot go getter types. I'm not gonna lie she excites me, and yes part of that excitement absolutely has something to do with her bein
g 6.0 flat footed. Then there's the knockers thing, she's got a fantastic rack. Well, one can never be to might be a super awesome bra. *grin* I doubt it though. She's a shameless flirt, who may have finally met her match. Like I said, she excites me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Goddamned Christmas Miracle

Christ! I've spent the last two nights fighting with this thing. It took fucking forever to recover this blog from the clutches of the old blog.

Where to begin? Ah...

First. I am a god awful windbag after doing a toot. (However, in my defense that party was LAME)

Second. The always alluring and utterly enchanting c was at said party. I feel like we are always both very aware of when the other is on their periphery. 
At one point everything and everyone magically disappeared and there was just the two of us. Our conversation came in fits and starts. It was as if we were both surprised to be there even though we both wanted to be right where we were. I am deeply smitten. Very goddamn desirable. VERY.

I'm thinking about leaving new york. I'm thinking about going back home. I'm thinking about going out to see the world. My lack of international travel save for when I was an army brat, shames me.

Third. This job is completely insane, yet I'm comfy as hell. Hell really is other people. Good god.

I'm sick of solitude and celibacy, but who the fuck are we kidding! I'm going for quality from here on out. Quality knows what she wants, says as much, and lets those she truly loves privy to what's under the vest without all the frivolity and bullshit games. I try to be as naked as humanly possible at all times. A goddamned up hill battle in waist deep snow living in this freak scene, but I'm making out alright. I feel like my anger and indignance remind me that I used to be completely naked all the time.

God I'm a fucking stoned out windbag. It never freakin ends. Fuck.