Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God..I've been I saw...my god whatever

Dude, I'm ove this town. I'm not even funny anymore. I just try not to die from nine to five. I'M LESBO. HERE ME ROAR!

I think Texas is calling me, but I cannot go back home. Onward!


Onward through the fog!

I need to go live in another country. I need feelings of validation that only come with living from where you are not for years to justify this existence. Screw youth development. Screw those little beasts, and the feckless shitheads that call themselves helping the youth. Myself included!

You know what I want? I want to go back to being a drunk riff raffy n'er do well. Children change all that, and they are not even mine!!!!

You know what I've started telling the kids as of late?? I've started telling themthat they are the best birth control ....EVER! And I'm not even into dudes.

Mind you, it's not the kids. It's everything that comes with being a grown up.

The fucking bill paying.

The no-pussy ever thing

The arriving in a timely fashion to important things.

The world would have you think that these things are integral to being a decent human being. Well fuck all that ! Arrrgh!!!