Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Party In Pants

I lost my last fucking post. So annoying. So I was talking about how I was flirting with a straight friend of a friend. I think it was the haircut. There'd something a foot before, but on. well as game on as game on can be with a straight girl hot for big black thug dick. I understand precisely the nature of her lust cause I'm the same way but on the flip side. What's more there's this other thing. We both had big hot love affairs when we were young and now we've been looking for the next hottest thing since. Ah if only...if only I was a dude or she was into pussy. Now I'm just left to savor those little moments. God where are the gay girls like you? The ones who ride motorbikes, worry about whose lookin' at her ass and tits, the ones who've got bad tempers and sweet smiles...where are you?

the summer has been moving along at a nice clip. last night i tried to bunny hop on a friend's bmx and totally ate shit. it was awesome. all of clinton hill was having a laugh at my expense. Speaking of bike riding, I've been going everywhere on my peugeot. It's hard but fun. En plus, I think I impressed said straight hottie with how fast I got to the bar.

Katie is coming to visit in like 2 weeks. It's going to take that long to clean that fucking apartment. I also want to move out of that place. I need to start putting some feelers out. Like something has got to give. I feel like living with people will keep me honest as far as the cleanliness is next to godliness thing is concerned.

It is so fucking hot, I think I'm a gonna die.