Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm in a killin' mood

I just started the rag today. That would explain my foul mood....kind of. I'm over the corporate lite gig. Like who the fuck knew working for a non-profit was so full of shit. I think I am also over NY a bit. Ah I don't know...I'm suffering from the worst sort of ennui...like the ides of march are done right? Even the on set of spring has felt strange. It's felt like I never thought I'd see spring again. It is my first spring with Lasik. Does that mean anything? I'm still terminally single, except this time around I've got dumb coozes proposing majorly unsexy things like being fucking on camera just so that person and their 'real' lover can watch. What the fuck kind of 21st century bvd duty shit is that?? Like the more I think about the proposition the more angry I get at NY and my life in NYC. I need something a little fucking richer than that. I know I'm a sweet ass good lookin woman and i'm kind of over playing second fiddle to casual sex and people thinking i'm wierd because i'm intense and sincere. What is with the goddamn gospel music at the internet cafe...I have really got to go.