Monday, January 30, 2006

Back at the scene of the crime

So I am back at the internet cafe where I may or may not have lost my wallet. I can't tell you what a pain in the ass this is. My mom pretty much bitched me out for losing her debit card. I can totally understand that. Me and my aunt Marta use that card. Marta is in Panama. The reason why I lost that shit was because I was in a seriously crappy head space. Mind you, it hadn't been a bad day. Up until that point the only blemish on the day had been that someone had stolen my metrocard on site. Everything else was still intact. Then I had a little post site r&r with some co-workers. I still hadn't dealt with the 'blemish' and then jealousy reared it's ugly head in my soul and that compounded things exponentially. I wasn't thinking straight and left my wallet somewhere. I know better than to let that shit get the best of me, but Saturday night it did. When I realized that my wallet lost I seized up inside. It took me two days for my muscles to relax. What a wretched feeling.

The next day I get a text msg saying: watching now your gift

Yes, it was from the woman in question. Frankly, I was like you my good woman were at the crux of that secret seething fit of rage. You get no part of this day. This is a day of mourning. I can't tell you what a relief that part was. I just shook her and her chicanery off. As far as I'm concerned subject verb agreement equals a pleasant platonic something....the lack of said agreement tells me something else is afoot and it may or may not be just a literary pretentiousness or it could be the want of something more...either way that lovely little nymph can blow me. Be the machine. There is more to life than chasing after masochists.

You're the only person I can say this to...after I work out...I am always kind of horny. I'm pretty confident that isn't something I could say to my instructor.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hot little Morrocan

When are you gonna get caught doin' a little sucky sucky in the matrimonial quarters?? This is such a marriage of convenience. Come much is he paying you?? Is it worth it--to lay next to such a beauty knowing his ass will never put out? I'm just pissed. He is an incompetant barrista. I must say though I do love this coffee shop. Like it totally reminds me of Austin.

So I've been lovin' my Olivetti and the lomos. I gotta figure out a way to keep this capoeira thing going. I fucking love this shit. It makes me feel great! Great and horny! Who frickin' knew that workin' out had such plusses! Yeah something's gotta give.

I feel like my life is on the general up swing. I'm just feeling good. Even this insufferable crush is manageable and kind of fun, provided of course I don't brood too much. I am a very jealous soul. I think she senses that and kind likes it. Part of me wants to...never mind it doesn't translate that well.

Slow and steady wins the race, yes? Christ.

So can we talk about that delicious creature Samer for a moment. Goddamn it is he beautiful or what? Not just beautiful erotic too. Watching him with his lover this weekend was yummy. His need to be wrapped in the arms of such a man was palpable and maddening. More than once they caught me staring.

God, this barrista is such a little bitch. He's trying to close this shit early and is turning away business with his slinky ass actions. Nobody gives a shit about that ass in those jeans, you little sack. Arggh...

I'm gonna eat me some Pakistani food after this.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I ain't eitha...

I should be cleaning up my desk, but I don't fucking feel like it. I don't know how people pull off full days of office work. Good christ. I think I've just rediscovered the most intoxicating and mysterious smell from my childhood in my hair. It's in my hair right now. I wonder oil the hairdresser used on my head. So my eyesight is getting better every day. It's really wild to think that I'll never need glasses the way I did when I was younger or uh...3 months ago. Existential revelation...hardly, but very fucking cool. I want to blow a wad of cash, but I don't know on what. I hate that feeling. So I saw this documentary about 'private security' contractors in Iraq being serious pains in the ass. But what's more...this private contractor business is also doing a shit ton of logistical work for the food...the crappers...the beds...this is what happens when you let a bunch suits take over. You mother fucks.

The Olivetti is back in action. It's so much fun typing on that thing. It makes me feel like a real writer. I've even been writing bad poetry about the one who shall remain nameless.

Friday, January 13, 2006


I frickin' hate the lesbitron nation. Good christ. I was rockin' this outfit last night that put out a number of gentleman's eyes and yet...and yet...the cold. I scored this new camera from the TV show. I took some photos with it over the weekend. Only 10 came out and they kind of suck but I'm puttin them up anyway because it was such a good day. An amazing day in fact. I was so happy. I am still that happy there's just no sunshine right now.

This woman...I can't name names, but I'm still taken by her. And she's taken by her memories and her heartache. What are you gonna do? People have been telling me as of late that I have walls up and that's why I'm terminally single with a tendency to go for the insufferably unavailable. I'd say this current object of desire falls into that category. Would it have mattered if I had met her first? She is a Taurus and I'm a Leo after all. There was like a 55% chance at a successful relationship according to the astrologers at, and these people have never been wrong.

Alright I gotta bail. I've got like my pre date interview for the TV show. This one hour developing thing is pretty cheap. The color splash lomo is looking like a winner. I also got a pop 9. That's gonna rock.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here's to the long slow road

Oh good christ it's been too long! Happy New Year. I'm still toiling away in gainful employment land. It's cool. I still love my job. You know what I wish I didn't love? A certain person that writes in an obscure pseudo poetic way. Some might say that it's an issue of subject verb agreement, but I say it's style. I built a book shelf over the holiday.

Friday, January 06, 2006