Monday, November 28, 2005

What is that infernal beeping...

And people wonder why in the modern age there have been a rash of crazies! That beep is going to fucking kill me. Goddamn the local cafe is becoming quite the hot spot. I feel bad that I have no intention of buying anything. That was weird. My post just got published prematurely. This cafe totally reminds me of Austin.

I really am missing Texas these days. I'm gonna try to get home for Xmas. It's feasible. I'm on track to be financially stable here in a month or so.

My new favorite cartoon is Squidbillies. I wish I had money. I'd like to eat some Pakistani food.

And what's up with this Cantenna business?? I gotta get one.

T minus 9 til I'm banging Kern. God, I wish. She's all het now, but we're still in communication. And you know what that means...hehehehehehehehe...

This Turkey day was very lethargic. I literally laid in bed the whole time. I really need to get home for the holidays...otherwise I'm just a lonely crazy person.

Blah blah blah....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Be Resolute

Good christ...I can't be bothered with her. She doesn't stoke the lust nearly as much as baby angel. It is however a comparable lust. Really I shouldn't have opened my drunken trap. Whatever...I got the sense that she lied to me anyways. These goddamned youngsters. Kern is back in contact with me. Me likey. Me also likey the wonderful dead feeling between my legs when I make mention of her. There are no filth mongering thoughts...nothing...but a desire to chat with a friend. Crazy. I'm gettin' grown.

So this TV show is totally wild. I'm getting Lasik and a home makeover and maybe a personal trainer. They filmed me sleeping the other night. When I walked into my room I was taken aback. It was so weird and ultimately invasive. Like I was completely freaking out about whether or not they'd found my porn. They probably did. I knew they'd found the dope because I don't hide that shit worth a damn.

I also blurted out that I like white chicks. I've got mixed feelings about's not exactly accurate but then again...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I dreamed of being the one...

So my ex lover wants to be straight and not perverted. That really blows and makes me sad. My friend Rachel put it rather succintly ...she said that people that are truly fucked up are desperate to be normal. That's definately Jen....the poor soul. Do I feel l sorry for her?? Yes and no. I mean she was and is a self centered nutball, I will always feel a strange affection for her. No, not strange...truly genuine. We just can't stand one another. And while under normal circumstances that'd be really funny, we're not normal together or apart. Why am I so gutwrenched behind this revelation? I guess it's cause I know I've lost her....definately as a hot lay....and as a friend. It's too bad. It really is.

I have a cold. Boohoo...So I'm gonna be on the gay tv show. That's what's up! And I get paid. Double that's what's up!!! Woo woo!! I've also got to drive the Osama bin Publicolor van back to my place so I can drop it off tonight.

I want to go to sleep...