Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh good christ

ok so I asked this woman out on the subway. no she was not a complete stranger...just kind of a stranger. I acted like a crazy person as I am want to do. we'll see how it all goes down. I seriously had been thinking about her all weekend and then bam...there she is on the train. I couldn't not ask her matter how matter how early...and yes it was before all of god and man. Here's the thing...she was so ambivalent...I think..l mean...what do I know about another soul on the planet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Motherfucking Cingular...

Don't ever let me catch a Cingular Wireless employee out at night. I will seriously fuck them up. You want to talk about indescrimate slaughter....ahh!! Those sorry cocksuckers. I'm not even going to go into the whole sordid tale, but I hate those fucks.

Anyway my super offered me 5g's to marry his brother. I have got to get out of that neighborhood. I love it and all but this is too much. Like 5G's means squat after two years of misleading la migra.

Guys I think I'm over NYC. Like seriously I need more action than this...and gainful employment is so fucking over rated. Good christ. Nothing is bringing me satisfaction these days. Not the dope. Not the beer. Nothing. I gotta do something really wild and soon.

I'm sniffin' around an ex again...really it can't be helped. I'm a salivating pervert and she is the stuff that needs. And pinche Friendster isn't helping. But it kind of can now view who has viewed you. Very cool, but still whatever because there is ofcourse an anonymous option. So far 38 peeps have viewed my profile, but only 8 are willing to show their faces. Listen to me talk...I totally hit the anonymous option! Anyway, I think she's been sniffin' around too even though she'd be loathed to admit it.

The gig can blow me 8 ways from Sunday. What else is new?
I am re-reading this awesome book on the modern history of Afghanistan. Frickin' amazing. I'm not too convinces Afghanistan should have been a country, but what the hell we all only live once. Imperialism and a total disregard for law and order have really fucked those people. You know I've never really re-read anything before this soon, but it feels quite natural.

It's fuckin' pouring outside, and my phone is deader than a door nail. This means I cannot communicate with anyone. Namely, the folks I was suppose to have dinner with tonight. How fucking lame is that...and I lay the blame squarely at Cingular's feet. Those sorry cunts!

I was also reading this book called All God's Children about Willie Bosket the most dangerous inmate ever in NY Penal system. The book was pretty good, but by the end I was like ...ok ok...america doesn't like black men especially...this kid had been treated like an unloved animal pretty much his whole life...but fuck it he was still a crazy pain in the ass. In all seriousness though it did give me some insight into the kids I work with and America's general love affair with violence.

Jesus working with middle schoolers...I always feel like I now kind of smell like pee all the time but that is because these little shits still piss themselves or something. The whole joint smells like piss. Mind you...I'd do the principal...she's a cross between that dykey coach in Porky's and any attractive older latina's weird. I'm weird.

Thursday, October 06, 2005