Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You should see my fuckin' face right now...

Guess who emailed me "out of the blue" at all of my known email addresses?? I told you people that woman is a slave to her cunt. In a matter of months our particular kind of cosmic chicanery will be back on. The fall is definately here. It's our time. I'm worked over from work. Ugh...just the very thought of it is draining. Gotta man up...and get a little mean if I need to...

The fall has got me thinking about that Tarot card reading...she was good...Dude I'm so broke...that cat's are eating tuna fish for the rest of the week...this isn't going to be pretty...well it's only until Friday...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh my my oh hell yes...too cold to cry

Tom Petty. That's what's up. Lately the only thing that soothes me is country music. I listen to this badass internet radio station at work called GruenewithEnvy. It's a show based out of this small quaint town right outside of Austin Texas. I am really missin' texas these days. I think really I'm missing the novelty of NYC. Cause' lord knows the fucking novelty has worn off. Damn quite a few hotties at the local cafe...meow. Well except for her. She won't ever know that I'm writing this about her.

Fuck me on the dance floor. -- Princess Superstar. My love. I idol.

See, this is where audio blogs come in. I had a whole buncha shit to say minute ago. A minute being my walk over here...time doesn't exist. time doesn't exist. time doesn't exist.

Ok I'm over it.

Love the pursuit.
In prefering, i do.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Entro Minha Casa

Call me Casuza from now on. I like that name. If I had an alter ego that'd be the name. Ok so I have an audition for the gay tv show this afternoon. So I'm leaving the office in like 30 minutes. Which means I'm going to blog and maybe shop for anime online. This 9 - 5 business takes some serious getting used to. Or maybe it's working for a socialite that's making me crazy. Today though went by very fast. And to be honest all the days after this are going to go by pretty quick too as I'll only be in the office half days. I need to follow up with one dude before I split. These fucking corporations...they want kids to beg, borrow, and steal for their shite and yet when it comes to helping out a good cause...they become the cheapest fucks on the planet!

This weekend was cool until I decided to hang out with the lesbitrons. Like when the fuck are the dyke dj's going to step out of the mid nineties and get some goddamned taste in music? It really offended me that not but 3 hours before I was dancing my ass off to DJ Spinna, DJ Rich Medina, and Bobbito only to cap off the night with .50 cent. You rat bitches! I am so sick of compartmentalizing my fucking life between gay and intersting. The whole fucking queer community is in the throes of mediocrity.

So I've got my eye on this hottie named A. I've learned my lesson about using full names. I feel like she might interested too, but she is my type so she just might be more intersted in being desired than actually desiring. That's fine. They always learn. hehehe...I'm such a salivating pervert. On Saturday I had like an extened sexual fantasy about this hottie. That rarely happens...turns out I'm about rag, but the fantasy was still hot none the less. I can't wait to see her Halloween outfit. Hopefully, it'll be as hot as I pictured.

I'm still terminally in financial ruin. Money...who gives a shit.

This is a picture of my friend Shannon. I might not ever see her again. She's keeping her ass on her side of the planet. That blows for me. She's very fucking cool and one of the first friends i had in NYc. She pulled a knife on me in my own house. It's way funnier than it sounds.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005


So I'm back in NYC, and I'm not feelin' too terrible. In fact, I feel fantastic. Gettin' out of NYC did wonders for my soul. Last night at APT was hot. The music frickin' bad ass. What's up with aggro bi black girls always trying to pull my hair? Part of me wants to be like...listen bitch you know fuckin' squat about toppin, ya hear...the other part of me is like stop talking trash to trash...

I've been resisting my toppy ways since I moved up here, but maybe I need to rekindle that energy....coz the liklihood of some piece in this town coming correct is slim...

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I had a fantastic tarot card reading in LA. I mean the lady was spot on. She talked about a jealous female air sign that really fucked me up...an immature fire sign that was an on again off again type thing...and apparently a gemini is gonna rock my world in a coupla weeks here...gosh I wonder who that could be...she also talked about my needint to open up and let go of the past...I was like whoa...

And it's true Angie was a very fucking jealous Libra who did some damage. Jen is a sag who can't handle the kink in the pretty pussy of hers...as for the gemini business...I've got no clue. And this summer has definately been about letting go of my pain surrounding Jen C. And in letting go of that pain...I'm also realizing that I want to move out of NYC and the US. The wanderlust is starting to burn.

But then I look around my neighborhood and coffeshop and apartment and my new friends...and I'm like...give this town a coupla more years.

God I really should go home and eat...but I like surfing the web too much. I don't konw if my rent is paid up and I haven't recieved the slip...so....I don't know...I don't have a bad feeling in my gut, so I think it'll be ok.

Seeing the ocean was so amazing...I need to live by water when I split.

I finally got film for my Holga...now I need to get into the habit of carrying it around with me everywhere. I swear to christ there were so many lomo moments in LA. It was shameful that I was so forgetful and ill prepared.

This Odwalla isn't quite what I had in mind.