Sunday, June 26, 2005

Gainful Employment

So I start the office aspect of my job tommorrow. I've never had such mixed feelings. Like I feel confident that I can do the job, but everybody is laying all this negative stuff on me about working in the office. I really wish they would just shut the fuck up.

Friday and Saturday night I rocked this sexy black dress with pink high heels. That's right you sorry sacks! Pink High heels! I'll be uploading those photos soon. Ofcourse, lesbians were hating.

June is my favorite month. Fun shit is always going down. I think it has alot to do with the excitement of summer's beginning. Jesus I need a haircut.

I saw Chitra out last night...god I would still do her 8 ways from Sunday, but she so can't be bothered. At this point it's just hilarious.


I have a crush on Varuni. She's got fabulous tits and hair. And everybody knows I'm a sucker for said things. I was drunkenly watching her whip it around while dancing. Well more like teetering on those pink heels, but whatever. I realized that while Varuni is cute and nice she's actually got quite a bit of sex appeal. It's just subtle. (Unlike your drag queen ass!) I bought her a belt. I think she'll like it.

Maybe it' me. Sex or the very thought of it freaks me out on some level these days. For a while I was saying that I didn't want to have sex until I was in love, but now love's secondary. I just want to know if I can do it again. Really the thought of huffing and puffing over or under someone just freaks me the fuck out. I don't anyone to see that face. Then I think about having sex with Varuni, and I really freak out because she's so little. I'd feel like a fucking ogre. I think I'm crazy. And I think this particular kind of crazy has everything to do with the fact that I haven't had sex in two years. And no I'm not counting that wretched one night stand. Or the slut out session on the roof. Maybe I'll count the handjob at the Cock. That was cool. But the rest of it...can fucking blow me.

I'm gonna go hangout on a site about cat behaviour. I love my cat kiddies.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Via Spiga

So I've been posting a shit ton of pictures from my work life in NYC. It's been a good ride, but I'm glad I've got a decent gig. I'm excited about working full time at the gig. It's not without it's caveats but there are good people there so we'll see. Miss Daisy is Miss Daisy is what I need to keep remembering. I painted my apartment last night, and the fumes were killing me. But it looks pretty cool. I fucking left a new DVD at the .99 cent store. I hope dude has it when I get home. I'm so pissed at myself. I've been forgetting alot of shit lately. I need to be writing shit down and using a better bag. That tote bag is driving me crazy. I don't care if it is a jack spade.

I'm still waiting to get my wallet back from dude. That's annoying. Like I'm not trying to rush dude's vacation or whatever, but gimme a fuckin' break. I need my shit.

So a couple of days ago my super was bitching at me about someone tagging the walls. He thought it was someone from my party, and I told him he was full of shit. Then last night I was looking for my can of navy blue spray paint, and it was MIA. So, some shit head might have actually tagged, but the colors I've seen used are not in my pad. I only had navy. I'll check the other floors one of these days to see what the deal is. Either way I'm not apologizing to that old coot.

Sometimes I want love and only love. Other times I just want to get it on. But getting it on is no fun unless it expresses the very depths of one's depravity. I'll settle for love and tranny porn.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Avery and Alicia

verushka's party.
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She's so Single Black Female it's not even funny. Oww...swweee!

Welcome to the Monkey House

verushka's party.
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Party! Chug! Chug!

Christ on the cross... Posted by Hello

The Duke. Posted by Hello

The General Melee that night...don't ever give free booze to retail whores. Posted by Hello

The Billybergers Posted by Hello

I'm gonna miss this gig...sorda. Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My pad filled with fuckers. Posted by Hello

Look at Peter McBeater drunk as fuck! Posted by Hello

That's right a yet another rager in the belly of Brooklyn! Posted by Hello

Me with fucking fat arms...but I'm working out so get off my back. Posted by Hello

Deliciousness at my party no less! Posted by Hello

Two Cuties fake fighting Posted by Hello

Ah...I finally get this Picasa thing...

Good Christ, waiting for my man is getting beyond retarded. I had to drink one of those wretched meal on wheels type dealies in place of a decent meal waiting for this cabron. So I uploaded some photos from my party. I must admit it was pretty fucking fun, but a financial disaster. It was fucking raining and I was calling myself trying to throw a fundraiser. But I'm proud of myself for takin' it so seriously.

I've started working out in earnest. NYC is curing me of the hippie slacker thing slowly but surely. I still find myself with my head in my hands thinking about a certain someone, but whatver that'll never go away. Guess what though Lady ain't you.

The really cool thing about the party was the fact that people came through with some love letters! They're amazing. I totally need a shit ton more. I need a day in front of a computer to start asking for more. So who ever is reading this right now, if you have a love letter or whatever you'd like to submit to my magazine August. Send it to:

August Magazine
580 E. 21st St. #. 2-B
Brooklyn, NY 11226

I'm suppose to have coffee with this chick Sarah. That should be pleasant and interesting. I remember a strange tension between us. Hell, I remember all kinds of tensions, but are they real or in my goddamn head?

Quitting smoking pot is proving harder than I thought. I don't mind so long as I keep working out. I'm not working tomorrow so I can go drop off the kegs, and get the deposit back. God willing I'll have enough for rent.

Everyone that I started working with at the retail gig is getting the ax. I might be next. I don't exactly have the look. We'll see. Besides, they are trying to get all corporatized and I'm like no way. Fuck that.