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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Casting Call

Ok, I'm going to try and blog for the duration of no internet time at this production studio I'm waiting around that grammatically correct? Whatever. I really love these environments. Loose, but concentrated. Lots of hurry up and wait. All in all the vibe is good, the ladies are competent and good looking. So me and another chick are guinea pigs for the would be host of the TV show I may or may not be on by the end of the summer. I swear to christ the queer scene sits on the head of a motherfuckin' pin.

Example 1:

The 'other' chick (at the production studio) is a bar back at a coupla dyke spots. She has a crush on my co-worker at the non-prof.

Example 2:

I was doing my usual internet prowling, looking for anything interesting on Lady X as I just found out where she is gainfully employed. She is a special events manager for a hoity toity vaguely CIA-cover non prof dealing in cultural affairs or some shit. Anyways, I was checking out event photos in the hopes of seeing her grill, and came across the grill of a certain poorly dressed, poorly coiffed 6 figure salary lawyer that I had hit on a few months back. Ok ok, so why did I hit on someone I obviously don't respect in the fashion department. Well, she runs a good ear fuck. Er uh she did...christ I was desperate...don't fuckin' judge me. Get me a piece of tail.

I mean honestly! En plus, I just realized I can't be bothered with dykes anymore and yet....and yet...I'm one of them. Makes me wanna take a shit.

I need to look up sentences using the word August. And I need to update my resume. I'm going to send my resume to the L Magazine. I've done listings stuff and I can do it again. I need to find another gig other than America Apparel. Dude came in and fired everyone at the LES store. En plus, another chick got the ax today. Who knows I might be next. If so, I won't mind the unemployment check, but I doubt I'll even be eligible considering I do have a gig elsewhere. Bullocks!

Goddammit, my period is being so wierd. Like is it here or isn't it? There had better not be any bullshit surprises's times like this I'd kill myself out of pure spite and rage.

I need to start working out. I loathe the thought, but it needs to happen. I'm over the zaftig look. My goddamn super had the unmitigated gall to call me fat. I oughta slash that motherfucker's tire's.

I'm gonna get 50 bucks for sitting around playing on the internet. Well I'm not really playing, I'm trying to get the magazine submissions in order and get the party thing going....

I cut the fuck out of my finger last night thinkin' I'm McGuyver meets Martha Stewart. I was painting my house last night and needed a perfect circle for something. I got out a knife to perforate the cardboard, but then I perforated my finger. My ring finger is all swollen and shit.

I want to read Borges. Apparently dude is amazing. I have no idea how to rock cologne so it wafts around me but isn't too much. Right now it's too little. You can't even smell it on me right now. By the way, I'm wearing Bucheron.

Friday, May 20, 2005

iMAC you MAC dirty dog. hehehehehehe

Jesus Herbert Christ, I need to learn portion control. I just ate this huge thing of Pad Thai. While delicious I do feel bloated and piggish. So I'm feeling better about charging $10. I seriously need capital independent of my living expenses to get this idea out of my head and onto some tangible material. I am not into the idea of selling drugs or working for the man, so a party it is. As if one could have a worse fate.

Good god, I really need to leave a secret message for the ninja turtles. Speaking of ninja turtles I should get on my space and announce my party there as well. Not right now though, I'm kind of over typing and shit. I spent all morning sending emails out about my party via friendster and gmail.

I have got so much shit on my plate this weekend. Fucking a shit ton of work, parties, and a play. I feel like so long as I am mentally prepared and relatively well rested I'll be fine. That means no getting drunk, just buzzed. And getting atleast 5 - 6 hours of sleep. Otherwise I will be very very grumpy.

I highly recommend chocolate truffles from Visage....christ on the cross. so good. so delicious.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Dammit! Who is this person with the mac that keeps checking out my site?? I seriously hate not knowing. So I'm throwing a party June 3rd, and I just saw on Friendster that one of my co-w0rkers will be throwing a party the next night. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm not a fan of competition. You Mac OSX individual...I'm inviting you to this party as well, be on the look out for the audio missive. I'm also going to try and get the party listed in the L Magazine. There are enough hip fucks in my hood now, that my randomization plan might actually work.

A coupla weeks ago I ran into this dude who's Mercedes was running on vegetable oil. The very idea was a freak scene to me. He said he got a shit ton of miles to the gallon. I chatted him up for a minute at Doc Holliday's and then I split. I really didn't think much of it after that. Then I was flipping through this old ass porno magazine and read about this dude in the 70's who did the same thing. Apparently he went broke as hell trying to make it happen. Like the government wasn't feelin' it. Go was like the height of the gas shortage when OPEC had the US by the short and curlies. The thing that struck me the most about dude's story was the fact that folks pretty much had the same attitudes towards corporations as they do today. BUT NOTHING HAS FUCKING CHANGED. Good Christ.

I'm still gulping the haterade with Kern, like her girlfriend has got a bigger forehead than she does. Who knew that shit was possible?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hmm...patchouli...I think

Woo Woo! I talked to the owner of Vox Pop about publishing my magazine and he felt like it could be done. Nicey nice!! En plus, he suggested that I could have an event here celebrating the publishing of August. I really like this cafe that I am hanging out at. It's called Vox Pop, and it's in my neck of the woods. I bought to bad ass chairs from this Dominican lady who owns a thrift shop up the road. I really wanted two buy a record player, but they were all busted. Beautiful, but busted. This cafe reminds of Austin so much. It's home away from home for sure. Folks remember me in this neighborhood, that's a good feeling. I really don't see me movin' from my place any time soon. My neighborhood is getting cooler by the day. God, I have such a long day tomorrow. I'll be working from 8am to 10pm. Gotta make those duckets. I think the party I'm gonna throw on the 3rd should be sliding scale. Like who the fuck is gonna pay 10 bucks for a damn house party? We'll see. We shall see...

Hangin' Out with the Co-Worker

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