Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Deliciously Insufferable Blonde

So I'm still besotted by Diana...Lady X. I saw her out this weekend with yet another cromagnon lover. Whatever. This singer/songwriter by the name of Ray LaMontagne has summed it up for. Kiss him again, just to prove to me that you can. I'll sit here and burn in my skin.

I also saw Chitra out this weekend. Her flesh is delicious. We just hugged. I can well imagine when she's naked and writhing under me. Heh heh.

I blew my wad this weekend, but the rent is paid and I've got groceries and weed at the crib. I've been trying my hand at working out. It's going ok. I'm so over my job. Like this is ridiculous. I'm at work now...hiding in my office writing this blog. It is so slow, but Williamsburg is cool. It's too hip for Skip but I've had alot of fun. So many open bars just ain't right!

I'm chewing on this idea of creating my own magazine called August: A Time Based Experience. I don't know what'll be about yet. I should probably go show my face out there. Christ on the cross.

Oh and I just found out that my best friend isn't moving here with her husband Sofiane. They are moving directly back to Algiers after Sofiane's sister's wedding in Cologne. First I was bummed, now I'm kind of pissed. Katie has pulling this shit for as long as we've known one another. We're older now and in different cities, so at the end of the day she's just going to fade into being an amazing college friend and that's about it.