Thursday, January 20, 2005

God, I am so ready to slit my fucking wrists. I'm supposed to be hanging out with a "friend", but that's asking too fucking much. By the way, I'm DC right now. I got a last minute tour of the White House, and I got to see George Bush Sr. Like he was fuckin' 5ft from my grill. Jennifer Kern is easily the most profoundly selfish and unaccomodating individual in my life. Ahhh....I'm so livid right now. I could fucking kill her. Or sleep with her. Lord knows which one I'd prefer. Reallly, I should split tomorrow. I need to do my laundry and if she's going to be all fucking moody and insufferable I don't need to be here. I can't even get drunk properly. DC is interesting. Preppy. Conservative. Blacker than hell at the lesser levels. I don't mean that in a fucked up way. I just mean they didn't call DC 'Chocolate City' for nothing.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Happy New Year. My god was that a barn burner. I woke up in Coney Island drunk as a skunk, but the sunrise was beautiful. Some dude caught on fire at a party. I put him out and gave him a hug. I've been dealing with some majorly dumb twat as of late, but whatev. I'm just going to ignore her. Thankfully, I'll be in DC the weekend that all the parties are jumping off. A noticeable absence is just as good as showing up. Oh my god, the dude next to me at the computer station had the biggest abcess or whatever the fuck on the back of his neck. Christ on the cross...Ooh la la...cuties at the library. Duly noted. So I'm slowly but surely discovering the subtle coolness of my neighborhood. Like little Pakistan is a 10 minute walk away from my house. All the shit I used to get back in Austin is right at my fingertips again. I feel some bogus ass sickness coming on in my person. I've been irritable and lethargic all damn day. En plus, I had to help a friend move. Wasn't so bad neighborhood drug dealer finally came correct with the good shit. When I first moved here I was intrigued by the new (well new to me) strain of dope called Chocolate. Turns out...motherfuckin' Chocolate is just some dark ass seed riddled weed from the hinterlands of Mexico. I remember once I bought 60 bucks worth of that shit and ended up making brownies. That is the only thing Chocolate is good for. I should check my work email. Christ, did I fuck up last night. It's always like that with me.