Sunday, November 14, 2004

It always feels like it's been ages since I've visited this site, but really it's only been 10 days.

Now that I'm a little further removed from that Halloween night, I'm still blown away by Livia. And Diana can blow me. She's a beautiful chicken shit square.

So lately I've been secretly suspecting that everyone I party with thinks I'm an alchy. I'm like listen you's Saturday night, and I just got off work. Give me my cocktail and a joint or give me death. Besides, I'm making haste while I'm still young. I gotta right...lousy fucks.

Like are any of them there when I'm reading fuckin' Plato in bed? Or when I'm left incredibly pensive after seeing an amazing documentary on some freak scene from the past?? Hell no! And yet they want to judge. Fuck 'em.

So my best friend and her husband are supposed to be moving up here. They said they wanted to be up here by the end of November. That day is fast approaching. I'm not holding my breath though. I really want to have some people that get me up here, but I feel like I'm being kind of a baby on that tip. I'm the only person that needs to get me, dig??

Me and my baby angel are back on. I'm going down to DC to visit after the New Year. I'm gonna fuck her brains out. Just keep a cool head...she likes being snuck up on. hehehehe....

She and I have got the most fucked up sexual chemistry, and I love it. I don't EVER want to stop fucking her. And to be perfectly frank, I secretly suspect she feels the same way.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

God what a weekend. Two hot chicks rubbing their pussies against my leg Saturday night. A strange emotional betrayal and witching hour redemption on Sunday I said a helluva weekend.

Bush has one the presidency. What in the holy fuck. I feel so betrayed by my motherfuckin' country men right now. My friend Margarita is right we are in the midst of a culture war and the Dems are a band of pussies.

I could have loved you Diana. I still want to, but had to choose that cromagnin dyke with the under bite. I hope it's love with a face like that, but I doubt it. You don't love her. I doubt she even makes you wet, but whatever ...enjoy. I'm on the back of beyond.

I'm so low right now.