Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's over. Summer is over. Tommorrow I will have been here a year. Remember sitting in Thompkins Square Park crying bitter sweet tears because you were finally back in this insufferable city? You had kept your promise. To yourself. And to Jen, not that it mattered anymore. She's just a ghost in this town. Now here we are a year later, and while it's been devoid of sex, I can't really complain. It's been a pretty spot on first year. Hopefully, in this coming year I'll get laid. My god.

Speaking of bogus ass blue balls...the Patricia Charbonneau look alike at work is about to be transferred to another store. So I'll pretty much never see her again. A bummer. If hadn't of been such a twat about our mutual attraction we might have actually become friends. Or not, who the fuck knows in this town. Faces and souls are like drops of water in the ocean here in Sin City.

Oh yeah, the pinche cabrĂ³n Republican National Convention is in town. I didn't go to the protest on Sunday. I just wanted to loaf around the house. Does the revolution have room for loafers?? I was feeling morose at having missed the Mos Def/Me'shell Ndegeocelo concert due to a blasted night of beer and cockteasing the Thursday before.

Have I talked about the corporate lawyer hottie (ish)? Oh whatever...she's yet another ultimately unvailable piece that most likely is not worth sweatin' bullets over. But still...she's sexy, and kind of good at runnin' a stream filthy sex talk in one's ear.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dude, my friend Alvin is all over the net in that fucking get up. I love it. I think I may be an inadvertant morning person. My mood has improved exponentially. En plus, cooking is my new fun. Last night I made butter chicken. Tonight I'm going to make 16 bean soup. I have to use up my celery and carrots. Then I'll make spaghetti sauce from scratch. Mind you, not all in the same night, but you get the idea. My word for today is disengenous. I hope I spelled that right. I'm going to try and blog more often. Back to disengenous...that's my word for today because it dawned on me that that was what this woman with whom the sexual tension exists is being. Christ, what a sentence. She's being disengenous. She's attracted to me, but called me out in a shitty way about my attraction to her, and yet she still tries to buddy up to me in this touchy feely way. It's bogus. She's bogus. And as god as my witness if I ever get the chance good and proper, I'll tell her as much with all the piss and seed in my soul. Ok breaks over.

Monday, August 23, 2004

What good is sexual tension?? Bah humbug! There is always lust in my heart. Retail hell is better, but whatever I think gainful employment is not my thing. Anyway, there is this woman. I can't name names, but there is some stupid sexual tension. She totally called me on it the other night. I believe "I know why you're laughing at me, it's because you find me attractive. That's not my problem", was what she said. It's in those moments that I wish I was capable of snappy come backs. Alas, I suck at that shit. Here's the thing. I know she's attracted to me too. En plus, her girlfriend is a fucking pipsqueak. It's so maddening to see these hot chicks go for fucking Jane P. Dorks. Hey, I'm a dork too, but I've got sex appeal.

I'm definately curious to see what happens, but prolly like normal nothing will fucking happen. What is up with sex and this city. I'm convinced that the reason the dudes here are so aggro about the cat calls and shit is because nobody is fucking getting any. There I go...projecting my neuroses on to the world but fuck it. You only live once.

Went to a pretty cool rager this weekend. I almost got my drunk ass kicked by this black dude because I kept referring to him as gay for pay. Ok, my break is so over.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So I had a birthday over the weekend. I'm 26 now. I really wanted to rage this weekend, but nothing jumped off and all my dealers were in trouble with the law. Drinkin' is so passe. I need to find a new gig. The unutterable shame of retail hell is becoming untenable. Besides, I would like to start decorating my apartment since I'm going to be living there another year. I have totally made my piece with that place. The light is so lovely in the twilight.