Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Context Context Context. I'll be damned if Jamie isn't rather sexy in her book teacher mode. I should make this quick considering she's in the other room. I don't have the ups I used to. I was defeated in an impromptu who's-got-the-highest-ups contest. I lost. I didn't feel too bad. I'm not very athletic anymore. So...um...I had a one night stand Sunday night. It was so whatever. But it still kind of turns me on to think about. She was a geeky frisky little thing. What's up with my being the geeky dyke magnet in this city. This was not in the motherfuckin' script. And yet...and yet it's been fun and I'm startin' to flex the sexuality muscle. I may be back in the saddle just yet.

I'm watching this Anime called Lain. It's very interesting, and giving me incredible insight into kid's minds. The internet has kind of warped their fuckin' heads is what I'm thinking. Like I'm watching their life philosophies develop. Woo..Yowsa...these kids are on next shit. I mean shit their drug use consists of nano oscillators that fuck with a certain hormone output. Weird. Ok so Jamie's been over here twice. I gotta go.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So I've been reading this book called The Magos. It's kind of heavy, but has some good bits. Here we are mid-summer and I'm feeling alright about life. Shit ain't easy these days, but I'm having a good time. Pride weekend was fan fucking tastic. Sex and drugs and rock n' roll!
I hung out with this beatiful Kiwi tranny and her sm lesbian lover while rollin' on E at 7 in the morning somewhere in South Slope Brooklyn. I love Less Than Zero Type moments, except for when I realize that I am a complete ninny, and not nearly as sexually adventurous as I'd like to think. I did get some though at this club called Apt. Some aggro drug addled faghag had her way with me. Best House music in town. The crowd is great. There's like an in house drug dealer. Thankfully he's 'in love with me' and happy to buy me cocktails and hook it up with toots on occasion.

So I've been hanging out with this guy named Markus. We work at the same retail hell. He's beautiful in a Joe Dellesandro type way, except for the fact that I'm not Andy Warhol and he's a reformed good ol' boy of sorts. Just the kind of HTX folks I love. He was the one who took me to Apt. to begin with. He's interesting. I can't quite put my finger on it...we're still feelin' each other out. Like when we're drunk there's no tension, just honesty and red blooded fun...but at work...it's weird. It's been a long time since I've been friends with a guy. I can't describe the weirdness...it's just weird. Whatever...it's moot. He'll be at the SoHo store from now on.

I still haven't gotten laid in this insufferable town. That little make out session at Apt. hardly counts, it just let me know I'm still alive and I've got a pussy. I want some real action off a hot older femme type. I mean what the fuck is the point of living below the poverty line in the most glorious of Imperial cities and not scoring any hot ass off the pervy monied ladies?

Alright the library is about to close. I need to hit up Espn.com before I split.