Sunday, February 29, 2004

jesus fucking christ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am so sick of being broke. I'm sick of 2 faced bitches....Can we do a little better than that, Ve??
jesus fucking christ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am so sick of being broke. I'm sick of 2 faced bitches....Can we do a little better than that, Ve??

Saturday, February 28, 2004

So I just got propositioned over the internet just now. This guy wanted to be my servant. I get to butt rape him and everything. I'm thinkin' about it. I'm suppose to call him back at 11pm. I'm definately gonna call. This is too weird to be anything but the truth. We'll see how far it goes. While I'm feeling optimistic about the near future the very present present is freaking me the fuck out.
Present freaky ness is excluded...

Friday, February 27, 2004

GOD THERE IS LUST IN MY HEART. Maybe it took a coupla shots of whiskeyes to make it happen, but there is lust in my heart. There are 28 yo and 25 yo old hotties that have so kept my atttention that I'll revistit casual sex. my god, what is it about me that keeps me from that experience? I think you two are visions of butch and femme perfection. Independent of my desire, I think both these people are spectacular. I want nothing more than to taste your flesh. just a taste. And frankly, if they had any two bits about them they would deduce that they.... it was their very persons that I desired. One day i'll make me a world.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yeah, welcome back Verushka. When are you people going to find me interesting? Like what are these other people talking about? You mean to tell me that 2. something billion people are more interesting than me?Ok, I don't doubt that but lord knows they probably don't have internet access . Hmmmm... whisky shots....whiskey shots are what do you in. You could head butt a cop on this shit. I'm losing at scrabble. YOU INSUFFERABLE NEW YORKERS GIVE ME A GIG~!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Here's something I've been chewing on for a while. I am not necessarily a fan of the Howard Dean constituency. I think they are all a bunch of do goodin' yippies. Really there's just no bon vivant in them. Besides, Dean isn't talking real change. He just wants his turn in the high chair like the rest of them. I guess I'm saying is that I dont buy into the system because it's got no soul. No life. It's the fucking borg. A real leader in my opinion would be like fuck the high chair, I'm takin' it to the streets.

I told my best friend two years ago I was going to vote for Al Sharpton if he ran. That's how galled I am by the whole election process. I'll vote for a brother that's got a process himself. I feel like the world is closing in on itself sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. This time it's not the acid that's talkin'. Think about it, the world as we know it is at a point in history where people can envision the operatic apocalyptic end to Earth as we know it. With advent of nuclear warfare and the proliferation of collasal conventional weaponry, every time someone's got beef the big blue marble could blown to smithereens. And then heap all of the sneaky shit these cabals of power, influence, and fascism have been up to since the turn of the last century and it's no wonder me and alot of other people are over the system.

I get the sense that the human race is on the cusp an evolutionary step. I sense this because I am human and immersed my conscious into the bigger being that is this planet with the help of some of her plants. Yeah I'm a moony. But listen, you can feel the change coming. I'm serious.

Dude, I lost my pipe at this Valentine's Day Party. I'm such a bullshit artist sometimes. There was a sexy German girl at the party, too bad my lameass friend pulled femmy cockblocking crap. She was totally acting like a fucking girl friend. I can not tell you how that enraged me. She was so gross and cloying.
I told her ages ago I'm not interested in sex or a relationship. You know what else? She presumed that she was someone special in my life, as fucking if! We were cool before all this, but saturday night was a real turn off.

Ok, so I'm addicted to friendster. Talk about a toy for the vain.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The L Word. My life on the mini-screen. My b-movie. I really need to be thinking of this in terms of precedents, because I am so gonna do the forbiden love thing lesbian style. My dream is to write and direct a Zalman King esque mini series on a cable channel about two unholy inter-racial lesbian lovers squirrelled away on a planation in Cuba. Ooh...the implications.

The L Word is a precedent to be sure. But does anybody on that show have a set of knockers or what!? And this straight chick...the make-up is whack. The acting is disgusting and lacking. She is doing a piss poor job of representing that first heat. But then again isn't she suppose to be a dumb bitch? The soundtrack is too sexy for her, and I'm too sexy for this show. And yet...and yet I've already made a secret vow to run more and hone my cosmopolitan charm.

Where Go Fish was proto but informative and ballsy, the L word is pretty, vapid and pleasantly laughable because in the lesbian sphere of reality all of those narratives are taking place at any given time. However, in the real world those cliques are so insipid and the physical beauty so thin and brittle. Live in any dyke mecca long enough and all of those stories will come to pass in either your life or someone you know. I tell you what, even though I bitch about those scenes, some of those stories would make for great movies. The writers for this show are bullshit artists and not listening to the token lesbian enough. Don't get me started on the watered down POC tip. Bull shit artists one and all.

Jesus, why don't people cast for chemistry?