Friday, May 30, 2003

Ok, so I've decided to apply to the village voice. my boss is being a coozer about the letter of recommendation. Sure, she's give me one she says, but it'll be a shitty one. Um, what the fuck? She says I'm not ready. I need to be better organized, I need to be more aggressive. I am in absolute agreement with that. In media you have to be creative and organized. Period. Here's the thing, practically everyday since I've worked there I've worked out of my fucking back pack. I have no desk, lamp, or computer. Yet, I'm the one who has to deal with an online publishing database the most. You motherfuckers. How the fuck am I suppose to organize anything with a band of idiots and sycophants running shit? Like if this whole organization had its shit together, I'd have a paycheck for work done on the Hill Country guide and NOT still be waiting on one. Fuck grammar aight! Maricon. Dude, I jammed my fucking thumb playing ball this week. Yesterday I was layed up all day. My back was so fuct'd. Even if I dont get the village voice fellowship, I'm still gonna toss my hat in with the big apple. Why not be broke and bitter in a city you actually like?