Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Adam & Eve

The story of Adam & Eve became devastatingly clear tonight. Living means coming out marred no matter what. Dionysian...Apollonian it doesn't matter the approach. NO ONE gets out unsullied by life.

Maybe some day I'll find peace in that, but not tonight. Tonight I sit on a cold bench getting circled by law enforcement, because the goddamned pedal on my bike fell off mile 3 into a long night of the soul.

This is NY

Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Um a million years ago.

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New World Black

GeoTagged, [N40.74293, E73.99256]

It's summer in Sin City. So far, so bananas! My 30's are going to be very interesting. My mojo is definately back.

I've slept with three women in the last 2 months. Not since college have I been this prolific. I think this new found success is two parts horny, and one part total honesty with myself about who I'm hot for. I totally am hot for plump women. Myself included.

And of course three women into this, I meet a dreamy little creature that has absolutely got me twitterpated. With one well timed kiss, she managed to blow up the 30 day rule, but big! Her goddamn lips are so soft. A dizzying opiate to be sure. Our chemistry has been out of control from the jump. I met her at a friend's birthday dinner. And if the truth be told, they've only just begun their friendship. I feel like it's fated. And then's me we are talking about.

That's all well and good after a heroic night and morning of fucking, but there are significant stumbling blocks. Namely, a recent break up with a dude. And most alarmingly, her closet case status with friends and family. She's deceptively freaky pagan bisexual and only a select few have been privy to that part of her life. I'm way too gay for all that. The sex is good enough that emotions could totally begin to stir. Who are we kidding they always do, but I guess what I am saying is that despite the obvious love potential I'm not obtuse enough to think that these stumbling blocks are insurmountable. I could do alright with just the physical. I'd just have to be precise in the emotional realm.

Alright off to a party. Had a fun day today, and I absolutely needed it. Work has been nuts. More on that later.

Oh and did I mention that she's in Haiti for four mother fucking weeks? Looks like the 30 day rule is back in place! Ha!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I didn't get into grad school. I found out after a beautiful drunken evening out, a month or so ago. Who doesn't love squealing coquettishly at the wondering hands of a frisky cougar? I had been chomping at the bit for a month, stalking the mailbox. The not knowing was tortuous. The quiet plunging truth was murderous. It felt great to be so focused, thinking, and writing, but I was still grasping in the dark. Grad School felt like what was supposed to be next. My heart wasn't exactly in it. This time on purpose. I wasn't really passionate about my ideas in my statement of purpose. I over thought everything. Where I have,had the most success, I didn't think about anything. I was just doing my thing. My thing works. What ever is next my thing will have to be big time because that is where I am at in my life.

The only thing I need to work on is losing weight. And that's been kind of a cool process. Like this calorie thing is full on. And I get it. Addition. Subtraction. Blah blah blah. It is astounding how quickly you can get to 2000 calories, let alone 5000 or more. Christ on the cross! The last thing I had for tonight was a Snickers Almond, all the time thinking to myself...Dude. I just went over my caloric intake today by 60 calories. Those calories become precious. You don't want to waste them on horseshit.

I'm also running. I was running Fall 09, but then the winter came and I caught a pretty wicked shin splint. I laid off big time, and put on more way than I care to admit. I mean most days, it's hilarious. Other days I'm dumbfounded. But I see what's gone down over the last 13 years. I used to workout 6 days a week up until the end of high school. I got to college and put the kaibash on all that shit, but kept eating. I mean I was active but not no 6 days a week shit. Frankly, I felt free in college. I found working out awful and trying. No mental toughness what so ever. Anyway, college and post college have all been about sex,drugs, rock n roll, booze, and food. These there's not enough sex, too much booze, too much food, and too much weed.

Do you know how much money I blow on weed?! The's a lubricant. I was thirsty once. Not so much now. The food...I eat a lot of...whenever. I'm working on all that shit. Mostly the food and sex thing. I mean, I would like to get laid by someone other than the occasional ex lover. Do you realize that I have had no new lovers since SideShow Bob? All the action I have gotten as of late has been with an ex lover. See recent posts, and my life in the last few weeks! I need to rectify that. Pero con quien?! Y cuando?

Talk about a long story. I haven't got it in me.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update...for reals.

First let me say that that AP ended up being the wackness! For a hot little minute there I wasn't going write anything today considering I hadn't been on here for ages, but then I read that last entry and I was like HELL NO. People have to know. The bitch was wack. No more wack bitches. In fact, I just recently dodged a bullet with a certain self important 6'0" Pilipina. Then there's the matter of my bff's twat girlfriend. Jesu Christo I'm over the women in this town.

On an entirely separate note...

I am waiting to hear back from grad school. I applied to the New School for International Affairs. Ugh what a shit show. If I get in, I am hoping this will prove to be the best opportunity to make a smooth graceful transition into another phase of my life. My time with Publicolor is on the wane. I do want more from life, and I am going to get it.

I am also a for reals lard ass these days. It's kind of hilarious. Kind of terrifying. Hehehe...ahem.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dream on Dreamer

OM freaking G!! Autumn is easily the sexiest season. First ol' girl in Minneapolis, then the wildly sexy brilliant assistant principal at one of the school's I work with. Um me and that chick hooked up last Friday, then proceeded to have a 3 day hang out that by turns was unnerving, sweet, drunken, shy, but never forced. Too much really. I mean, I had to have the bartender unhinge the god damned bathroom door to get her passed out person out of there. Frankly, it was completely bananas and just the sort of horseshit I find comfort in. I saw her at a really raw moment and took care of her. That's me. That said, she put herself out there saying that she liked me and wanted to hang, got WAY sloshed day 2, and then wakes up day 3 only to reminded by a very annoyed Bff/roommate that some strange trick put her drunk pukey tail in bed and woke her up because you wouldn't get out of those cold wet puked on clothes. For all of the bravado, no one is feeling thrilled with them self after some shit like that. I can completely dig why she may have run for the hills this week. But fuck it, shit like that happens all the time on this planet, and certainly in my world. I like her. She has everything I want in a girl and more. She loves college football. Not as maniacally as I do, but she loves Ohio St. She's very smart, charming, beautiful, complex, funny, messy, and cool as fuck.

I got drunk one night and wrote this:

I am looking for an unutterably compelling, complex,
hilarious, deeply sexy someone to endure my company, share a
laugh, a bottle, some great food, and maybe a legendary romp
in the sack. I'm kind of particular about the order these
days, so no legendary romp action until I've known you for
atleast 30 days. Not for nothin', but it would be
smashing if you were into say, three of the
following: Joseph Campbell International
Affairs History Conspiracy Theories Books Cycling Lord
of the Rings Dive bars Runnin' the streets Rich
Medina/DJ Spinna/Cinematic Orchestra Wild At Heart Madden

We'll see...we shall see...